Peer-reviewed journals

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PhD thesis

Rillo, M. C., Unravelling macroecological patterns in extant planktonic Foraminifera. University of Southampton, UK, Doctoral Thesis, 167pp, July 2019


Rillo, M. C., Henry Buckley Collection of Planktonic Foraminifera, Natural History Museum, London, UK, NHM Data Portal DOI: 10.5519/0035055, 2016.

Cruise reports

Kucera, M., M. Siccha, R. Morard, L. Jonkers, et al., Scales of population dynamics, ecology and diversity of planktonic foraminifera and their relationship to particle flux in the eastern tropical Atlantic, Cruise No. M140, 11.8.2017 - 5.9.2017, Mindelo (Cabo Verde) - Las Palmas (Spain), FORAMFLUX , METEOR-Berichte, DOI: 10.2312/cr_m140, Bonn, 2019.

Learning platforms

Endless Forams, Most Beautiful: large database of images of modern planktonic foraminiferal species for taxonomic training, created as a collaboration of members from the Yale University, The Yale Peabody Museum and The Natural History Museum in London.

Empirical Dynamic Modeling Tutorials for the School on Physics Applications in Biology of 2018, created by Brenno Cabella, Paulo Inácio Prado, Renato Mendes Coutinho, Marina Rillo, Rafael Lopes and Roberto Kraenkel.